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Business Solutions

What we Offer

We want your business to concentrate on the core aspects of your business and take the irritation away from preparing and lodging your TFES claims.

We offer to

  • Meet with businesses to discuss the goods shipped both north and/or southbound, as well as imported and exported shipments

  • Verify the eligibility of goods against your business services

  • Registration of business under the TFES

  • Creation of an online account to view and lodge claims (this is for both parties to view)

  • Acquire supporting documentation for goods purchased from manufacturers on mainland Australia

  • Completion and lodgement of claim forms

  • Become the contact point for any TFES queries

  • Invoices can be sent to us electronically or by mail, we take copies of everything and keep electronic records and use those to lodge your claim.

We also invoice for our services after the TFES assistance is in your bank account, which means there are no upfront costs for claiming.

Goods or business deemed not eligible

We will review any decision made on the eligibility of your business or goods.  We speak the language of Government and know the meaning of the decision based on the policy documents (Ministerial Directions).

We  will contact the Tasmanian Tranport Program on your behalf in every instance and make representation for you.  We will manage your registration, goods eligibility and claiming from end to end.


The amount of the return when claiming under the TFES is determined on your weight and or volume of your goods in a 20 foot/6 metre shipping container or a variation of that loosely laden.

Claiming TFES

Each claim is eligible up to 6 months from the date of shipment. Contact us to review your shipping documents.  We will determine the eligibility of these for you and lodge your claims and the assistance will flow into your bank account.

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